Engage Young Alumni

Connect with graduating seniors before they leave campus.

Engage young alumni and maintain relationships with recent graduates.

Young alumni leave a digital footprint a mile wide. We know how to track them. 

MSM’s young alumni marketing campaigns engage graduating seniors before they leave campus. But we don’t ask them to fill out a paper contact card at the commencement fair. Our Senior Connect program lets new alumni connect on with their own terms: Facebook and mobile. 

Graduating seniors are busy people. Between exams, parties, and making plans for the future, their bodies (and brains) are in constant motion. But they’re also at a crossroads that fills them with affection for their soon-to-be alma mater.

During their final weeks on campus, why not reach out and get them to connect with your alumni association? They’re still consistently checking their .edu email address, and their impending departure from the place that forever shaped their lives makes them want to draw it closer than ever.

MSM’s young alumni marketing campaigns can help you engage recent graduates by getting them connected to your alumni association Facebook page.

From there, you’ll be able to keep in touch no matter how many times they move or change jobs. Our mobile friendly emails allow seniors to participate in our program from their smartphones in seconds, so we can collect more – and more accurate – contact information that we can constantly refresh. Don’t miss the best opportunity to connect with your freshest crop of alumni.

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Senior Connect Program Results

Engage young alumni and maintain relationships with recent graduates.Central Michigan University historically struggled to maintain connections with their young alumni. As students would graduate, their focus was on beginning their lives after college, not maintaining  a relationship or donating to the CMU Alumni Association. MSM’s Senior Connect allowed CMU to capture more than 47% of their graduating senior class in just three weeks.

Engage young alumni and maintain relationships with recent graduates.

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