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MSM is an alumni marketing agency with deep roots in higher ed.

MSM - Social, Digital and Web Marketing Experts for Alumni Departments

Trust isn’t built overnight. We’ll earn it every step of the way.

We know how it is in higher education. Lots of cooks. Lots of bland soup. And then there’s Legal. It’s no wonder so many schools end up sticking with the status quo rather than swimming upstream when it comes to marketing. MSM is here to change all that – painlessly.

An alumni marketing agency built from years of higher ed experience, MSM specializes in effective campaigns that span the digital spectrum including social, mobile, and the web at large.

We also have extensive practice navigating the institutional processes and engrained attitudes that may be holding back your marketing. Let us show you how to get real results your VP will love.

It’s true: Change isn’t always easy. We understand that rethinking the way you market your organization can be difficult to absorb into your busy day. That’s why we’ll move as fast or as slow as you’d like. We aim to deliver fantastic results while keeping your team’s time commitment (and stress level) to a bare minimum.

Alumni Marketing Research AgencyMSM’s alumni marketing research and flawless campaign execution produce tangible results.

Marketing research is a part of our daily process at MSM. As an alumni marketing agency, we are constantly seeking new strategies and opportunities to help schools reach and connect with active and lost graduates.

When combined with our growing arsenal of best practices and proven campaign components, our marketing programs produce highly effective results that drive repeatable results. Being questioned about ROI? Our campaign results will make you the star of your next staff meeting.

Our marketing solutions will help you build long lasting relationships with your customers. And hopefully with us.

We typically work with new clients in one of two ways – a single campaign surrounding a specific goal or yearly marketing management.


Single Campaigns

Our single campaign marketing programs are designed to meet a specific goal that fits within your organization’s marketing objectives. We’ll apply proven marketing research to produce optimal results, helping you accomplish your goals. Whether it’s getting graduating seniors to join the alumni association, finding and connecting lost alumni, generating buzz around homecoming, or another short-term project, we have fresh ideas that will make a mark.

Yearly Marketing Management

MSM can also provide long-term solutions to help you make the most of social and mobile integration. We’ll conduct and apply marketing research relevant to your niche, fully analyze your strategy and give it the care and feeding it deserves.

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Meet Our Team

MSM is an alumni marketing agency specializing in results-driven campaigns that span the digital spectrum including social, mobile, and the web at large.

Joshua Moser

CEO & Marketing Technologist

Bryan Bruce

Chief Social Officer

Patrick Bruce

Chief Idea Officer

Miguel de la Rosa

Project Director

Ian Spratt

Digital Designer

Maggie Nguyen

Web Designer

Becca Reichenbach

Social Media Manager & Copywriter

Mary Mattingly

Online Community Manager

DJ Valdez


Julie Cullen

Vice President of Sales

Ishaan Vadhera

Digital Marketing Manager

Alan Strahinic

Web Research & Analytics

Joe Duff

Board Advisor

Tre Fields


Josh Barsness

Account Executive

Safia Hatcher

Social Media Manager

Steve Hill

Account Executive

Yasmin Santos

Marketing Intern

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Activate Alumni by MSM
438 Main Street, Suite 201
Rochester, Michigan 48307

Email: jmoser@getMSM.com
Phone: 888.714.7814


MSM – The Alumni Marketing Experts

MSM offers technology driven social media, marketing, website development and business analytics built specifically for higher education. As early adopters of all new technologies, we enjoy finding alumni marketing applications for emerging social and mobile platforms.

We know how to adapt to the rapidly changing social landscape — and how to lead our clients through successful transitions into new opportunities as they become available.

For more information about MSM’s full suite of technology driven marketing solutions, visit our agency website at http://getMSM.com