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Portable, smartphone friendly websites to boost membership or donations



Take a look at your alumni website. On your phone.

Chances are, it’s not that easy to navigate. Odds are even better that if an alumnus is trying to make a gift or join your alumni association on mobile, they’re going to get frustrated quickly and give up.

We understand that transitioning to a mobile friendly website at a university is far from easy. You may be under the thumb of a standardized content management system –or, worse, completely on your own. MSM can step in and save the day. Our mobile alumni engagement solutions can make your web presence portable with next to zero work on your end. We can even sweet talk your IT guy into giving us a stellar (and secure) URL.

Our recent campaigns with colleges and universities are showing nearly half of all clicks and access points are being made on mobile devices. This means that without a mobile friendly website, you’re essentially chopping your audience in half. Mobile phones are always accessible and always on, so be ready when your graduates are with a mobile alumni engagement solution from MSM.

Picture this: A recent grad is waiting to pick up a friend at the airport. Standing by baggage claim, she checks her email and sees your message requesting donations for a new scholarship. She’s happy to make a gift right then and there, but your payment form is unwieldy on her phone. She makes a mental note to make a gift from her laptop when she gets home, but once her friend arrives she quickly forgets all about your plea and her willingness to help. And you’ve just lost $10 – or maybe $1,000. This very scenario is playing out with 50 percent of your audience. Your emails are inspiring them to give while watching their kids play at the park, bored in board meetings, and in long supermarket checkout lines. Are you making it possible?

MSM’s mobile alumni engagement microsites:

  • Provide content to on-the-go alumni in a format that is easy to read and access
  • Allow for mobile donations and alumni association joins with simple forms that connect to your existing payment system
  • Gain insight through robust analytics on how (and how many) alumni are accessing your mobile platform

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Nobody leaves the house without their wallet, keys, and the Internet.

Ask anyone to empty their pockets or purse, and you’re likely to find a mobile phone. They’re carried by everyone from middle schoolers Facebooking their latest crush to grandparents FaceTiming with the preschoolers in their life. Today, people are constantly online — even if they aren’t in front of a computer. MSM statistics show that almost 50 percent of clickthroughs from our campaign emails and Facebook posts are being made on smartphones and tablets. That’s half your audience! Mobile marketing integration provides the quickest route to expanding the reach of your school’s marketing messages.

In 2015, smartphones are projected to outnumber desktop computers. We’re already seeing that in our campaign stats. Mobile phones are always accessible and always on, so don’t miss out on these growing opportunities from alumni on the go.

At MSM, our focus is practicality and return on investment, meaning we won’t build you something just because it’s cool — unless it gets paying customers through your doors. All of our mobile technologies are carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with your other digital and traditional marketing efforts, so you get the most bang for your buck.

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