Increase Donations and Memberships

A weeklong campaign can work wonders.

Increase donations and membership with MSM's alumni marketing solutions

Grab the attention of your alumni – and sustain it – with a concentrated campaign.

We reach out to the vast amount of alumni on Facebook and entice them to enter into your school’s alumni giveaway by using advertisements and emails. Each day alumni are encouraged to re-enter, share with their friends, and answer new questions about what they care about.

We’re able to accomplish the following during the Days of Giving campaign:

  • Gain fresh data about each alum that entered the giveaway
  • Measure the engagement for each alum once the program is completed, and identify those who are ripe for donations or membership opportunities.

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Days of Giving Program Results


Washington State University’s Alumni Association helps support student scholarships and to keep doing so, they needed to increase donations and membership. WSU’s Become a Member in December campaign used university branded daily giveaways share each of the great reasons to join the WSUAA.

WSU has had 121 new members join to date! There are now twice as many members in their alumni association than a few years ago and membership and donations keep increasing.


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We’d love to chat and learn about your marketing challenges and goals. When we meet, you won’t get a sales pitch, just a friendly handshake and lively discussion about marketing.
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