Central Michigan University Captures Graduating Seniors

Central Michigan University Connects Half of Senior Class



CMU was looking for a way to connect as many graduating seniors as possible to the CMU Alumni Association Facebook page before they moved on from campus. They also wanted to build consideration for engraved brick donations through Make Your Mark, an annual senior gift program that raises money for scholarships. 

CMU’s Senior Connect Campaign aimed to capture graduating seniors, connecting nearly half of the graduating class to the CMUAA Facebook page. This connection is vitally important to keeping in touch after commencement, when home addresses, jobs, and email addresses change frequently. CMU was also able to secure an all-time record of over 400 donations for their Make Your Mark campaign.


Activate Alumni using MSM’s young alumni marketing solutions

Graduating seniors are busy people. Between exams, parties, and making plans for the future, their bodies (and brains) are in constant motion. But they’re also at a crossroads that fills them with affection for their soon-to-be alma mater. During their final weeks on campus, why not reach out and get them to connect with your alumni association? They’re still consistently checking their .edu email address, and their impending departure from the place that forever shaped their lives makes them want to draw it closer than ever.

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About the Central Michigan University Alumni Association

Each graduate, former student, current student, and friend of CMU has a lifelong connection to Central Michigan University. At the CMU Alumni Association, we help forge these connections into ongoing, engaging relationships with Central Michigan University. Website:

Morehouse College Grows Alumni Giving

Alumni Facebook Engagement Stimulates Alumni Giving for Morehouse College


Morehouse College, a small school, wanted to focus their efforts on cost-effective marketing strategies to increase alumni giving. With just 10,000 living alumni, Morehouse also wanted to more efficiently engage its small audience using social and digital marketing strategies.

During a 60-day alumni engagement campaign, MSM was able to increase social engagement exponentially. Data collected via a Alumni Reconnect Facebook app was used to design targeted emails that pushed alumni giving to unprecedented levels. The single campaign resulted in $19,881 being donated in just four days.


Activate Alumni using MSM’s university marketing solutions

While it’s possible your grads may gloss over your updates on your website or Facebook, it’s very likely that they’ll notice you in their email inbox — especially when your messages are optimally timed and perfectly targeted. An effective alumni email marketing strategy is a crucial component to keeping your constituents and graduates engaged.

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About the Morehouse Alumni Association

From game watching parties to road trips, golf tournaments to supporting current admissions efforts, the Morehouse College National Alumni Association extending the Morehouse experience beyond the college years, bringing Morehouse graduates together for academic, social and service opportunities. Alumni Chapters are organized by geographic regions and provide alumni who have left the Atlanta area with opportunities to participate in the College’s growth. Website:

University of Akron Makes Giving Personal

Crowdfunding Proven to Increase Alumni Giving at University of Akron



The University of Akron is one of the premier universities in the Midwest and with over 150,000 alumni were looking for ways to engage alumni and ultimately raise donations for various funds.

Combining a 5 Days of Giving Facebook app and a Crowdfunding Microsite from MSM, Akron was able to raise funds for three different campaigns that were close to donors hearts.

With the crowdfunding platform, the University of Akron was able to raise awareness about distinct initiatives and capture donations for each as a result.


Activate Alumni using MSM’s university marketing solutions

You’ve heard of Kickstarter, Kiva, and other crowdfunding platforms. There, people tell personal stories to inspire friends (and total strangers) to give to their cause. And it works – projects on Kickstarter have racked up a collective 5 million backers and raised nearly a billion dollars in just four years. How can you tap into this trend while keeping full control of your campaign? MSM’s alumni crowdfunding microsites do the trick.

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About the University of Akron Alumni Association

The University of Akron relies on the generous support of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to achieve its goals. The support enables the university to fund scholarships, fellowships, professorships, campus renovations, new facilities and much more. The department mission is to strengthen and advance the relationships between the university and its alumni, friends and students. It is through these connections that the university and its constituencies are enriched and supported. Website:


Central Michigan University Exceeds Donation Goal

Central Michigan University Microsite Helps Increase Alumni Donations



For the past two years, Central Michigan University has partnered with MSM, using our social marketing expertise to increase alumni donations and engagement.

The CMU Alumni Associations’s Student Emergency Fund helps students get a financial boost in times of personal crisis, from family layoffs to medical emergencies. With a Donation Microsite and mobile optimized email marketing, MSM helped CMU increase alumni donations to the Student Emergency Fund and reach the campaign goal seven months early. The campaign continues through June 2014.


Activate Alumni using MSM’s university marketing solutions

Take a look at your existing alumni website. How many clicks does it take to locate your giving page? How intuitive is the navigation? Does your giving form have a URL that matches your school’s domain? How many fields must a graduate or friend fill out before they click the “give” button? There’s a good chance your current process is throwing up obstacles to donors who would be more than happy to hand you a chunk of change online – if only you’d let them. Increase donations at the point of purchase via alumni mobile giving with MSM’s donation microsites.

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About the Central Michigan University Alumni Association

Each graduate, former student, current student, and friend of CMU has a lifelong connection to Central Michigan University. The CMU Alumni Association helps forge these connections into ongoing, engaging relationships with Central Michigan University. Website:

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